Is your Estate prepared? Most aren’t! It can be costly (and more than just money)!

Our digital legacy is everywhere! We’re conducting more and more of our lives online and we leave a large digital footprint behind. It’s become a way to identify ourselves. From connecting with friends and family on social media, to purchasing at our favorite shopping store and enrolling in their loyalty programs, to storing memories and digital photos in cloud base storage to online banking and investing, almost everything we do is online. And we use multiple devices to do it all. Are you keeping track of it all? Have you made your wishes known and protected what you’ve earned?

Even one forgotten account can ruin all you worked for!

It’s common to avoid thinking about your passing, however, this behavior may put everything at risk. Your digital accounts and assets now make up a large part of your estate. What happens to them when you’re gone? Who’s responsible for ensuring your plans and wishes are fulfilled? And are you confident that the ones with cash are obvious and transparent? The truth is, most people aren’t prepared to answer these questions.

Problems that can come with your digital legacy include:
  • several account types and categories for your different activities
  • friends and family may not know all your accounts
  • each institution has their own requirements and process for handling your final wishes
  • password sharing with friends and family is ineffective, risky, unsecure and a violation that can carry heavy fines
  • fulfilling your wishes is time consuming and detailed job with real responsibilities

Lack of proper planning can have severe and costly consequences for your estate. The result can lead to wasted time, expense, frustration and even tax penalties if funds are discovered too late. Moreover, identity theft is on the rise. According to the IRS, over $400 million in tax returns are filed fraudulently on behalf of people that passed away in a single year. They start with social media accounts, learning more about you and then take action. This malicious behavior causes additional delays, expense and emotion in solving these crimes.

It's important to protect your assets, ensuring your accounts are identified and wishes are carried out quickly.

Protect my Plans™ is the first and only service to provide personal account, digital asset and device directives management.

Protect my Plans delivers your wishes, removing the anxiety from loved ones and ensuring all you worked for is taken care of on your terms without delay.

What We Offer

Protect my Plans helps you create a secure online vault of all of your digital and traditional assets so you can ensure your loved ones have easy access to the information they need.

Protect my Plans helps keep your important cash value accounts visible so your estate can do their job. Some of the accounts include:

  • Financial Institutions such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup
  • Investment Firms such as Fidelity, E*TRADE
  • Credit Cards such as Capital One, American Express
  • and more...

With Protect my Plans, you organize and manage your accounts and instructions for the following:

  • Social media and entertainment (Facebook, Instagram, iTunes, Kindle)
  • Email accounts
  • Cloud based storage and data management (Dropbox)
  • Travel, loyalty, shopping (frequent flyer programs, Amazon)
  • and more...

You manage your electronic devices and instructions such as:

  • Phone (iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus)
  • Tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Fire)
  • Computer
  • eReader (Kindle, Kobo, Nook)

Why Choose Us?

Protect my Plans is peace of mind.

A powerful and secure service to manage all of your personal accounts in one place.

Protect my Plans gives you complete control over your plans and provides your family and loved ones with emotional relief knowing that you’ve taken care of the details of handling your personal accounts.

Here are just a few reasons why you should use Protect my Plans to manage all of your accounts.

Exclusive Protection

Eliminate the headaches of managing your estate with an easy-to-use service. Protect my Plans helps you identify and organize your accounts and provides you (and your estate) with an up-to-date record of your account portfolio. With Protect myPlans, undiscovered assets and forgotten accounts, that can slip through the cracks, are no longer a headache for you or your loved ones when they try to locate your assets, property and special moments.

Protect your accounts from identity thieves. Identity thieves often target the accounts of the recently departed, which has victimized tens of thousands of deceased individuals annually. The result can be costly and delay a timely settlement of your estate. Protect my Plans reduces this risk by ensuring your accounts are disposed of in a timely manner. DCS also contacts the credit bureaus preventing the opening of new credit accounts.

Secure Storage

Secure your personal information. With Protect my Plans, data security is of utmost importance. We know you’ve worked hard and we want to help protect all of your assets. That’s why we guard it carefully and have implemented the security measures to keep your information safe. User data is authenticated and secured on an encrypted database. Protect my Plans protects systems from disruptive intrusion techniques including inappropriate account access such as brute force logins and account hijacking.

NO PASSWORDS. Record your account information without providing passwords. Protect my Plans does not take passwords, credit card expiration dates or other sensitive details. Protect myPlans does not breach the Terms and Conditions between you and the site owner that may prevent a password from being used by someone other than the account holder.

Ease in Planning

Quick and Automatic Account Capture. With our on-the-go Portfolio Plus™ feature, adding new accounts is immediate and seamless. It’s non-intrusive and works while you conduct your everyday online activities.

If you already have a list of accounts in a Word or Excel document, you can simply send us the file, with NO passwords, using our Portfolio Link™ feature and we will add your accounts to your Portfolio. There’s no need to spend hours retyping all the information, let us do the work for you!

Clear and easy directive assignment. Protect my Plans has hundreds of accounts in the database with up-to-date directives/final-wish options offered for each account. Simply select a directive when adding an account and update it at any time.