No account passwords collected
Access to your assets is not necessary to handle your final wishes. Protect my Plans doesn’t require account passwords or credit card expiration dates/CVVs.
Your data is encrypted and authenticated
The database is fully encrypted and sensitive data (SSN, account numbers, etc.) are encrypted on the field level. All communications to users are HTTPS encrypted.
Database is securely housed
The database is maintained on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with secure backup and data protection. AWS is a division of Amazon, a global leader in e-commerce and secure cloud computing.
All account access is controlled and monitored
All access to Protect my Plans data is restricted, monitored and tracked. While logged in, your access is timed out after a period of time. Protect my Plans employs the security key accesses controls and audited by our Security Officer.
Powerful protection from hackers
Protect my Plans only knows the existence of your personal accounts but not the account contents. No storage of passwords or credit card security information makes us less attractive to hackers. We perform regular system monitoring for irregular behavior and inappropriate access.