Plan ahead and protect what is important to you.

Life doesn't always go according to plan. Not preparing for our own mortality can add to our loved ones' burden and cause needless pain. Recent research shows approximately 55% of American* adults don't have a will or other estate plan in place. Although many people see end of life planning as optional, without it, your estate can experience delays and unnecessary expense.

Our mission at Protect my Plans™ is to simplify the complex and emotional process of planning your affairs and provide greater peace of mind to everyone involved. Whether it's social media, assets in the cloud, or financial accounts, your property is meaningful. It’s important that you clearly outline your wishes for handling the many online and traditional types of personal accounts you have. You want to ensure that everything is handled according to your desires. Your privacy matters and you should be the one to decide who you want to grant access to your account and device information to. Without proper planning, your estate and loved can only assume your intentions and you may not want them to see everything. In addition, institutions may prevent access to the important assets that need to be settled, resulting in added cost and frustration.

Protect my Plans knows security is important to you. That’s why we don’t take passwords or other security information. We know your accounts exist but never your account contents. For added security, Protect my Plans encrypts down to the field level, protecting your information.

Protect my Plans provides you with:

  • organization of digital and traditional account final instructions in one place
  • simple to use continual account record capture on a variety of devices
  • registration of your devices including phone, tablet, computer and much more
  • notification of your wishes to your accounts, letting your loved ones focus on other things

Protect my Plans is like an insurance policy. We help ease the burden of estate administration for your representatives and loved ones.

From retirement accounts and investment portfolios to social media and entertainment subscriptions, we make 21st century your planning convenient and easy.